Clean 2 storey windows

and ground floor windows

With Window Pole 2, you can now clean all your outside windows on your house up to 2 storeys like a professional without using a ladder, and without needing to know how to use a squeegee.  It is so easy.


We also supply professional grade water fed poles to professionals that are water fed window cleaning many times a day.


So you see, modern professional window cleaners, clean exactly the same way, but with a noticeably more rigid water fed pole.

Your equipment will, however, deliver the same result.


Window Pole 2 is a 25ft pole which can reach all 2nd floor windows and often gables and gutters.

Window Pole 1 can be separated from Window Pole 2 to clean ground floor windows and glass fencing.

What is the Rinse Magic ?

How do you clean with a water fed pole ?

It's as easy as it looks.

Step 1: Agitate Dirt on Window Into Solution

First, wet the window completely.

Wet the window completely using overlapping top-to-bottom strokes.

Scrub the window again.


Scrub window again in the other direction, using overlapping top-to-bottom strokes.

Scrub the Top and Bottom.

If necessary, scrub the top and bottom edges with side-to-side full width strokes.

Step 2: Rinse Dirty Water Off Window

Use the horizontal rinse pattern.

Based on the rinse depth ( explained in detail later ) you observe from the pencil jets, systematically rinse the window with a horizontal zig-zag rinse pattern.


Rinse faster with a greater rinse depth.

In this case, with a greater rinse depth, you can increase your rinse efficiency by using a greater distance between your rinse lines, without compromising the final result.

Use Fan Jets for Hydrophobic Glass.

For Hydrophobic glass, use your fan jets at 60ยบ to get a more reliable rinse coverage.

The rinse depth can be observed by the fan jet shape on the glass.

Want the Detailed Step by Step on

How To Clean with A Water Fed Pole ?

Water Fed Pole Cleaning Guide

If you want a perfect result ...

We call it Rinse, You'll call it Magic !

Pure water is what the professionals use. It works perfect every time no matter where you live.


Cleaning windows with a Window Cleaning Pole with the Rinse Magic Pure Water System gets a perfect result every time.


When you run your water through the Rinse Magic, it becomes Pure Water.


When water is Pure it is just H2o, there are no other minerals or sediment in it. It becomes like a magnet for dirt or anything that was on your window.


You then rinse the dirty water off the window and leave the Pure water on, the window dries spot free.

Like the last rinse in a car wash.

Or you could just

Use Tap Water

Tap water can be a great option if you live in an area where your water's TDS is under 60ppm. Go to to find out.

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